Speaking – About Africa, About Smallpox, About Terror



In eradicating smallpox, my husband was on the frontlines of human vs. microbe. But in the midst of The Terror, our family was on a frontline of a different sort. You can hear about those experiences.



Where I’m speaking in April and May 2019:


Monday, April 29, noon: #SantaBarbaraYachtClub‘s Monday Luncheon Forum.

“Sending Smallpox into History: Recollections from Africa”

Join me near the Sahara in the fight against smallpox. Then we’ll move to a steamy volcanic island where the dictator has burned all boats and shut down the press.

While my husband is on the frontline of human vs. microbe, our family is on a frontline of a different sort.

Pay for lunch at the door.


Friday, May 3, 2 p.m.: Pepperdine University, Harbor Lectures

“Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War” (the subtitle of my forthcoming historical memoir).



Monday, May 6: noon: #SantaBarbaraYachtClub‘s Monday Luncheon Forum.

“An Empty Harbor: When a Dictator Burned All the Boats.”

People flee the island and The Terror in droves, so Macias Nguema burns all boats. Our harbor has seen evacuation bedlam, and I ponder the embassy’s submarine rescue plan. It isn’t this port’s first or last trip into the history books. Freed slaves, Britain’s WWII elite commandos, and guns for hire have or will come around.

Pay for lunch at the door.


Monday, May 14: Delta Kappa Gamma Society, a members and guests event, Tucson

“Barriers to Girls’ Education in West Africa: 1969 and Now”


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In Other News

Curious as to where things stand with my manuscript? During my four months away from posting here and in Social Media, in addition to accelerating my speaking career I uncovered some important information that demanded to be added to my book. So I did that. The manuscript for VACCINES & BAYONETS: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War is now in London being evaluated.

This is an exciting time all around.

You can click here to download a SAMPLE SPEAKER FLYER and SPEAKER INFORMATION SHEET. 

Or you can visit the SPEAKING PAGE of this website. 

I extend a hearty thank you for your interest and support of my activities to educate as I reveal slices of life that too few have had the opportunity to witness.


* * *

Have you added public speaking to other activities such as writing? How has that changed what you were doing before? Did it take you in a whole new direction or just enhance what you were already doing? I’d love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Speaking – About Africa, About Smallpox, About Terror

  1. Bee, I do enjoy your journey and hope to hear you lecture when you come East. While you are at Pepperdine if you come across Eleni Melirrytos, please give her my love and a hug. She and her husband were sponsored by Hillsborough. They both are Greek and delightful. She waved so many immigrants to the shores of Athens as they fled their terror-fed them and helped house. Best wishes, Bonnie


  2. Hello, Bee,
    It’s funny how my life seems to duplicate yours, much less significantly, of course. (Maybe it’s the power of Deb’s magnet “Be like Bee” which I still keep on my fridge!)
    I, too, have been asked to speak about one of the chapters in my book of memoirs, the one describing our experiences with Al Bedle, the famous mid-century modern architect in Phoenix and what it was like to live in two of his “glass boxes”. The first one was March 21st in Phoenix, and the second the following day at ASU in Tempe. And they want me to repeat it in Tucson.
    I was terrified at the thought, but once I got started and the audience laughed in all the right places, I began to enjoy it and actually had fun.
    Your subject is much more serious, but knowing you and your personality, I’m sure your audiences are as kind and friendly as mine were.
    I wish you continued good luck with the English connection, and hope to see it in print soon! Best wishes, your old Writers companion, Janice

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