Just for You: Smallpox, Africa, A Brutal Dictator, or Girls’ Ed at All Costs…

Varied audiences means varied topics, all related to my forthcoming first-person history, working title: VACCINES & BAYONETS: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War: 

“Sending Smallpox into History: Recollections from Africa”

“An Empty Harbor: When the Dictator Burned all the Boats” 

“African Girls’ Education at All Costs” 

“Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism and Cold War”

A recent public speaking tour was brief but so rewarding! Santa Barbara Yacht Club’s Monday Forum, Pepperdine University Harbor Lectures, a second topic at Monday Forum, Delta Kappa Gamma, an education society, and P.E.O. a philanthropic education organization.



I’m Relocating

I’m now relocating to the Santa Barbara area. That means more availability to speak to your group in Southern California.

Version 2
Room with a view: my housing at Pepperdine


smallpox africa globalhealth speaking memoir #history. To book Bee to speak to your group, and for information on her most requested topics:

4 thoughts on “Just for You: Smallpox, Africa, A Brutal Dictator, or Girls’ Ed at All Costs…

  1. Hi Bee, so glad to find out you’ll be relocating to SB. Praying that your travels will be safe and that all the details of your relocating will go as smoothly as possible. It was wonderful to have a short visit with Ginger while we were in SB a couple of weeks ago. Love and hugs, Janie and Marv

  2. Hi Bee!

    It”s so good to hear from you and to learn things are going well as you relocate and expand your reach as a writer. We are very proud to have been part of your storytelling adventure while you were here in Tucson.

    I’ve just arrived home from a camping week at Patagonia Lake. Our Thanksgiving tradition has become a highlight of the season. Now comes the unpacking and regrouping after being off the Internet for seven days. . .

    We left for the lake right after TOT’s Tellabration celebration at Unscrewed Theater. Believe it or not, we sold about 125 tickets in all and had a SRO audience. What an experience!!

    Do let us know if you find yourself traveling through the Southwestern Desert – it would be wonderful to see you again.

    Be well and keep having a wonderful time,Glenda

  3. Hi Bee, How are you. What? Are you moving for real? I am in MN sorting my things from my storage unit and trying to get well. I haven’t felt well for a long time…Maybe I just need rest. Let me know how you are and where you are. Would love to come to one of your presentations. Happy Holidays. Mary A. Havens mahavens1946@yahoo.com

  4. Congratulations, Bee, on all your progress! You’ve worked so hard to get this far. Wishing you continued success. Janice

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