The historical memoir I started writing seven years ago couldn’t be more relevant to today! It’s time to publish VACCINES & BAYONETS: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War: A Wife’s Story. There’s another virus, another pandemic, another climate of sociopolitical upheaval.

It’s time to publish!

The book editor at London’s Hurst Publishing had this to say, “Your writing is absolutely great and the story certainly deserves to be told.”

An assessment by one publishing services company called it a “powerfully and honestly written story. . .that feels relatable today.” They also said that with the “…stunning imagery and description of the landscape, smallpox and Africa seem to be characters in and of themselves. . .this is an exciting and important book.”

It is absolutely the time to share VACCINES & BAYONETS with the world, and you have an exciting opportunity to help make that happen. I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to purchase quality editing, cover design, interior design, inclusion of photos and maps, production of paperback, hard cover and ebook versions, and distribution. Release date is projected for early March.

And because lack of clean water is at the root of so much disease in Africa, and as the hours spent walking to and from water sources deprives many people, especially women and girls of an education or productive work, I will be pledging a percentage of net from sales of my book to Charity: water.

How can you partner with me to get this important story into the world AND get your FREE copy of Vaccines and Bayonets? By donating and by sharing this opportunity with others!

On my GoFundMe page, you can enjoy book excerpts and brief videos. And you’ll want to take advantage of the various donation reward levels: digital copy of the book, physical copy of the book, signed copies, just to mention a few. The greater the donation, the bigger the reward. But no donation is too small, and any help and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Click here:  I want to help publish Vaccines & Bayonets!

Thank you for helping make this book a reality! I thank you, and know many readers around the world will thank you!