7 Years in the making – Africa smallpox memoir released!

JUST RELEASED RESPECTED JOURNALISTS ARE TALKING**From Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Deputy Editor of Foreign Policy magazine:“At a time when vaccines are front page news and a deadly pandemic is raging across the globe. . . .captivating family history and a reminder of how public health campaigns are still inextricably intertwined with politics. . . .illustrates how inoculating vulnerable people…


They had to step up their surveillance, search for any case lurking undetected.. . . They had to prevent re-introduction of [the disease], a daunting challenge among a mobile people.

Why Does CDC Change its COVID-19 Guidelines?

We often hear complaints about changing recommendations from CDC and other experts we look to for guidance. But it would be more concerning if communicable disease experts weren’t learning anything from new scientific findings and new experience in the field. Weren't learning anything that could improve our response.