Microbe. Massacre. Princess in a palace. Shelter in the embassy. Vicious dictator. And it’s all true.



Grab your safari hat and venture into West Africa with this visionary smallpox eradicator and his small-town wife. She savors day-to-day life in an “exotic” culture. Until–sinister forces gather. What price will the young family pay?


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Right now. Right here. You can glimpse the humor and horror of a true story that few have ever heard as you explore the pages of this website. You’ll even discover that VACCINES & BAYONETS reverberates in today’s news. Read excerpts. And Read my blog.

“Bee Bloeser’s story reads like a political thriller, women’s history, and African adventure rolled into one….she brings insight and humor to a dark tale of disease, corruption and genocide that unfolds around her, her husband, and their two small children. Riveting.” Pamela Alexander, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author.


VACCINES AND BAYONETS is the story of living and working on the front lines of war against a virulent disease–first in Nigeria, and then, in a slowly rising tide of disaster as Equatorial Guinea’s society collapses into a hotbed of suspicion, hatred, and murder.


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