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fullsizeoutput_b45“Bee will engage and move you deeply while sharing her personal journey in Africa during the eradication of smallpox. With a backdrop of corruption, genocide, and oppression of women, she still provides an insightful tapestry of victories won and hope for the future. I highly recommend her to your group.” — Linda Herzog, J.D., Tucson

“Incredibly beautiful, evocative, powerful–with such relevant perspective for what’s being iterated in our midst today and showing us what it’s truly about.” — Sally, Santa Barbara

fullsizeoutput_6ce“A riveting account. . . .makes the facts come alive—the devastation of the disease as well as heart-rending post-colonial realities. . . A ‘must-hear’ for all.” — Kay M., Tucson

“You put us right in the middle of those walls! I could smell it!” — Larry Q., Santa Barbara

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Todd Ortloff Show on KONP 1450 AM – February 8, 2022. 

Politics & Life Sciences (PLS) with Dean L. Fanelli, Ph.D.

Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with Santa Barbara, California based author Bee Bloeser
NPR Issues & Ideas radio show – 15 min
Elizabeth Stewart’s Arts Radio Shows 


  • fullsizeoutput_9d8Sending A Pandemic into History—An Embedded Family’s View—The dreaded scourge of smallpox, the formidable challenges in the campaign to eradicate it, and the victorious conclusion. Comparisons with COVID-19 and concerns about possible reintroduction of smallpox, accidentally or otherwise, are also addressed.
  • If You Scream and Nobody Hears—A time and place sealed off from the outside world, Francisco Macias Nguema’s regime, The Terror—crushing his country and his people. In this context, the author’s husband is on the frontline for world health and American security. She is on a frontline of a different sort. One of only two American women in the country, she keeps cryptic notes and hides them in the sock drawer.
  • Women Hidden behind Walls—The author’s visits with women and girls isolated behind walls and denied education, progress in educational opportunities, and the courageous women who now dare to go to school–and even run for political office–despite attacks and kidnappings.


  • The person feeling unfocused and joyless sees a way to find joy – helping others
  • An introduction to the world’s only global eradication of a human disease
  • Knowledge of hidden facts about little-known countries and cultures
  • Insight into why what happened then matters now, e.g., in today’s news of:
    • Vaccinating against COVID-19, Polio and Ebola; battling malaria and unsafe drinking water
    • Smallpox bioterrorism fears: the disease is gone—the virus isn’t
    • Denial of education, oppression of women and girls—Boko Haram fights gains
    • Politics of oil—petro-dollars, power and palaces
    • Press suppression—when nobody knows what’s happening


fullsizeoutput_6b3The author and two young children followed her smallpox-fighter husband to West Africa–first to a country that was always in the news and then in one that should have been. The first, Nigeria. The heartbreaking images of starving Biafran babies were seen around the globe. The second, Equatorial Guinea. In the vise of a bloodthirsty dictator. The world didn’t even know the place existed. Bee kept cryptic notes and hid them in the sock drawer. She now reveals a story which previously reached the outside world only by diplomatic pouch. She is the author of the newly released first-person history VACCINES & BAYONETS: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War.

Bee and her late husband served the diseased and disabled around the world and among Native Americans. She is a member of USAID Alumni, Toastmasters International, P.E.O. and writers’ groups.


Public speaker: e.g. Pepperdine University, Santa Barbara Yacht Club, various philanthropic and service organizations; storyteller

B.A., Speech/Theatre; M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, teacher, actress, barbershop quartet singer.


fullsizeoutput_6abE-mail: bee@beebloeser.com   Website:https://beebloeser.com   Cell phone: 520-631-0762

Bee is based in the Santa Barbara, California, area.

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I so much appreciated your presentation of African women. . . .not easy to take it in when women here are fighting for things the African women can hardly imagine. Your presentation opened eyes. Thank you so very much. Judith Muller, Organizer, Santa Barbara Yacht Club Monday Forum

What struck me the most was your passion. Laura M.

On behalf of Delta Kappa Gamma I would like to thank you for your presentation. . . .interesting and inspiring. . . .significant impact in the lives you touched. The members and guests truly enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal. Thank you. Renate Krompasky

“Your presentation was so fascinating our members are still talking about it six months later!” — Kathryn L., Delta Kappa Gamma, Tucson

It was such a good talk you gave our chapter. Everyone really enjoyed the photos and [hearing about] the marvelous work you did with W.H.O. Linda McMillin

Thank you for your wonderful story at the Festival of Books. I loved your interaction with the audience….Gloria M., Tellers of Tales organizer

I was flooded with memories of Africa–flashes of feelings, smells, visions. We were so energized, and I was struck by your sincerity. You are an inspiration. Thank you. Joan Milner

Your topic has been among the few to draw an audience from other walks of life. Thank you so very much….Pamela A., Sisters in Crime

Bee is an engaging knowledgeable speaker who supplements her presentations with photographs and personal experiences that will move you deeply while educating you about the incredible journey that led to the eradication of Small pox. I highly recommend her to your group. Linda Herzog, J.D.

Thank you!! It was a wonderful program. We all want to hear more.
We hope you’ll do another program next year. Nancy B.