6/16/18     –  Speaking engagement: Sisters in Crime. Topics: 1) Did a famous author bankroll a coup attempt? 2) Smallpox: the disease we eradicated, and the threat of bio-terror with weaponized viruses.

I was flooded with memories of Africa–flashes of feelings, smells, visions….You are an inspiration. Thank you. J.M.

Your topic has been among the few to draw an audience from other walks of life. Thank you so very much….P.A.

4/18/18     –   Speaking engagement: P.E.O.. Topic: Barriers to Girls’ Education in Northern Nigeria. Based on experience while living in Africa in 1970, and current events RE: Boko Haram.

Thank you!! It was a wonderful program. We all want to hear more.
We hope you’ll do another program next year. N.B.

3/20/18    –   host: 11:15 Eastside Writing Room; and Tellers of Tales working group

3/13/18    –   at United Nations Association of Southern Arizona

3/10-11/18    –   at Tucson Festival of Books

2/13/18    –  host Eastside Writing Room

2/5/18     –   Ethel Lee-Miller presenting at Society of Southwestern Authors, Green Valley