6/16/18     –  Speaking engagement: Sisters in Crime. Topics: 1) Smallpox: the disease as it was, and can the virus now be weaponized for bio-terror? 2) Did a famous author bankroll a coup attempt – or not?

4/18/18     –   Speaking engagement: P.E.O.. Topic: Barriers to Girls’ Education in Northern Nigeria. Based on experience while living in Africa in 1970, and current events RE: Boko Haram.

Comment: Thank you!! It was a wonderful program. We all want to hear more.
Maybe you can do another program next year.

3/20/18    –   host: 11:15 Eastside Writing Room; and Tellers of Tales working group

3/13/18    –   at United Nations Association of Southern Arizona

3/10-11/18    –   at Tucson Festival of Books

2/13/18    –  host Eastside Writing Room

2/5/18     –   Ethel Lee-Miller presenting at Society of Southwestern Authors, Green Valley