Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War

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Another virus. Another pandemic. And in a climate of sociopolitical upheaval. Go behind the lines in the heroic war of human vs. microbe, even as naive ideas of life in international service are chipped away.

Join me first in a country that was always in the news and then in one that should have been. The first, Nigeria. If people hadn’t cared about Africans killing Africans, they did care about starving Biafran babies. The images sped around the globe. The second, Equatorial Guinea. Behind the tropical paradise facade, the newly-independent country was in the vise of a bloodthirsty dictator. The world didn’t even know the place existed.

I kept cryptic notes and hid them in the sock drawer. I now reveal a story parts of which were previously spirited to the outside world only by diplomatic pouch.

Through the ages, diseases have often influenced power and politics. Even as the author learns that world powers use disease fighters to do the same–the soft power angle–she knows that global communication and cooperation defeated the killer virus.

Watch for the historical memoir VACCINES & BAYONETS: Fighting Smallpox in Africa amid Tribalism, Terror and the Cold War. Release date should be in the next six months.


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“Bee Bloeser’s story reads like a political thriller, women’s history, and African adventure rolled into one….she brings insight and humor to a dark tale of disease, corruption and genocide that unfolds around her, her husband, and their two small children. Riveting.” Pamela Alexander, Pulitzer Prize-nominee.


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